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Art Direction + Graphic Design

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Hello, my name is Lara. I am currently base in Paris (FR) as a multidisciplinary freelancer in Art Direction and Graphic Design. I mainly develop on visual identity, editorial design, and 360 communication with an interest for photography, cultural events, movies and fashion.
+33 788 37 77 39

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➔ TEXTILE DESIGN / Illustration on soccer suporter scarf / Feb. 2023
personal project 

            Inspired by primitive Art, I wanted to revisit this traditional design in these graphic symbols accompanied by a sentence on the back by twisting it in a color block style. Nowadays, typography is an illustrative element in my work. Thinking about other mediums apart from paper and digital allows me to widen my knowledge of rendering projects.

Scarf: 17x45cm - Acrylique cotton touch