Lara Damiens

Art Direction + Graphic Design

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Hello, my name is Lara. I am currently base in Paris (FR) as a multidisciplinary freelancer in Art Direction and Graphic Design. I mainly develop on visual identity, editorial design, and 360 communication with an interest for photography, cultural events, movies and fashion.
+33 788 37 77 39

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➔ EDITORIAL LAYOUT / Print and digital communication
Client Pierre+Mathias (→link) / @Ben_PLG (→link) / Arcane production / Personal project 
    1. Cultural agenda flyer (architecture / photography, personnal project)
Print: folded flyer/poster on A3 brown paper - digital ink.

    2. End credits for Ben PLG's music video “Les Voix Dans Ma Tête” directed by Pierre+Mathias (client : Pierre+Mathias and Ben PLG)
↳ Music video (→link)
Digital: 1400 × 1050 pxl.

  3. Architecture + photography booklet (personnal project)
Print: booklet 10,5 x 20 cm.

    4. Movie poster “Demain Mon Père” directed by Charles Fleurentin and Jean-Baptiste Thomas
↳ Teaser (→link)
Print: posters A1 glossy coated paper - digital ink.