Lara Damiens

Graphic DesignArt Direction

Graphic Design
  1. Seum Issue
  2. Omega
  3. Mimosa
  4. Louie Bloom
  5. Domestique
  6. TheSarahFactory

Art Direction
  1. Inner Love
  2. Roulez Jeunesse
  3. Juveniles
  4. Boring Still Life (coming soon)

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Hello, my name is Lara. I am currently based in Paris (FR) as a multidisciplinary freelancer in Art Direction and Graphic Design. I mainly work on visual identity, editorial design, and 360 communication with an interest for photography, cultural events, movies and fashion.
+33 788 37 77 39

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3. Mimosa

➔ PHOTO EXHIBITION, SHORT MOVIE PROJECTION AT THE 3537 / Scenography and visual communication / Dec. 2022
Client Pierre+Mathias (→link)Production FMA Le Bureau (→link)

            This project shows my experience as a graphic designer/scenographer for the print and digital communication of the exhibition and short movie screening, “Mimosa,” directed by Pierre+Mathias.

Print: posters A1 on matte coated paper 240g - digital ink/photos different formats on matte coated paper 300g - digital ink.
Digital: Instagram formats, web formats - movie credits.

Movie posters

End movie credits

Synopsis panel

Print exhibition