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Art Direction + Graphic Design

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Hello, my name is Lara. I am currently base in Paris (FR) as a multidisciplinary freelancer in Art Direction and Graphic Design. I mainly develop on visual identity, editorial design, and 360 communication with an interest for photography, cultural events, movies and fashion.
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➔ BOOK EDITION (PRINTED SOON) / Book layout / Feb. 2023
Client Domestique (→link) / Collaboration Photo Pierre Boissel (→link)

            This book for the leather goods brand, Domestique, illustrates my Art Direction around leather goods, my graphic design skills for print layouts and my knowledge of paper impressions. Collaborating with the photographer Pierre Boisel, I discussed the photos' Art Direction and their meaning. This project aimed to revisit the leather universe, explain leather craftsmanship, and highlight the brand's products and their origins in France. 

Print: book cover 205x275mm on matte coated paper - digital ink
Through this, Domestique created eco-responsible and versatile accessories inspired by the meaning of everyday objects and over-consumption within our society. Since then, Domestique has chosen an artisanal production based exclusively on handmade-to-order and meticulous sourcing for its materials.

Everything was designed to be durable and respectful of the environment. The exclusive use of vegetable-tanned leather made it possible to produce more durable and chemical-free pieces, thus highlighting the quality of leather craftsmanship.